Diagnostic and Defense Technology Analysts, Inc. Wins Commercialization Contract with KTH Holding AB

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN, October 1, 2017 — KTH Holding AB, a commercialization company under the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, today announced the award of a key commercialization project to Diagnostic and Defense Technology Analysts, Inc. (DTA). The agreement with DTA specifically targets a medical device currently under development at KTH.

DTA will provide a market analysis and commercialization assistance for the device and review it as part of the company’s overall technology portfolio. DTA’s technology assessments use a system specifically designed to be organized and transparent to users and provide understanding of R&D projects across a multitude of criteria and variables. Such assessments are seen as critical in improving the success rate of research and innovation projects in the commercialization stage.

“We could not be any happier to work with KTH Holding. We are truly honored to have this opportunity” said Carey Adolfsson, CEO for DTA. “We believe that a user-friendly process and clear in-depth reports are key to providing the necessary insights so that these technologies can become a commercial reality and a successful venture.”

About KTH Holding
KTH Holding is a public company that is administered by the KTH university board since 2006. The holding company invests in early, promising startups stemming from research or education at KTH with the aim of promoting commercialization and enabling new science to create impact in society.

About DTA
DTA is an international commercialization company that provides market intelligence, technology assessments and other commercialization services. DTA has expanded from San Diego, CA and has recently opened an office in Sweden. DTA is based at Medicon Village in Lund.