San Diego and the Scoop on Jobs and Technology

As a recruiter for Suna Solutions in San Diego, Matt Haver is asked about the job trends in and out of the region.

What's the Scoop on Jobs and Technology?

How is the economy? How are jobs? Are Companies Hiring?
As a recruiter, I get asked these questions all of the time. It’s nice to be able to report that after a long lull, things are starting to pick up and companies are hiring more and more. Although pay scales haven’t fully recovered and we are not where we were two or three years ago, things are looking optimistic.

What’s hot?
Technology and Tech Jobs are hot. Tech is everywhere these days and it’s further infiltrating every aspect of our jobs and lives. Technology industries and verticals are growing heavily. A few significant examples include IT, Wireless, Web/Online, Life Sciences, and Green Industries. If you are interested in seeing data on growth industries check out this Wired Magazine report:

What if I'm not in a Tech Industry?
You don’t have to be in a Tech industry to see growth. Many other industries are being inundated by technology. A great example is Healthcare. Tech jobs in this field have become both highly needed and well compensated. (e.g. an Electronic Medical Record Systems Analysts can easily make over $100 dollars per hour). While Healthcare is getting a boost, other industries are being completely restructured with new technologies, processes, and jobs. For example in the Cotton industry, while many traditional jobs have been cut, many new positions for skilled and higher paid laborers have been created. For the full story on the changes the Cotton industry has undergone check out this Wired Magazine article:

What is hot where you live?
Different cities have different hot markets. Here in San Diego we have strong representation from Telecom, Life Sciences, and Government Contracting companies. We’re also continuing to see growth in Web, IT, and Software positions at companies in all industries. If you want to see what’s hot where, here is a link on Emerging Technology market hotspots across the county; and you may be surprised to see that they aren't all in major cities:

And that's the Scoop on Jobs and Technology

Matt Haver is the IT Division Manager at Suna Solutions, a specialty division of the Amerit Family of Companies. Suna has locations in San Diego and the Bay Area with vertical / industry focuses on IT/Software/Web, Business Professional and Administrative, Biotechnology, and Entertainment Media. Their services include Contract and Direct Hire Recruiting, Payroll Services, and Independent Contractor Compliance.

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