Discover the Market Potential of your Technology

A total workstation for technology portfolio managers in academia, government and industry, which includes a user friendly dashboard with technology assessments, market intelligence and licensee information.

By using machine learning and natural language processing we find the needle in the haystack that propels your commercialization efforts forward.

Why TechMatch?

We are Firing Up Innovation by identifying and scoring the information you need from massive data sets.

Technology Assessment

Diagnose key factors of your technology and  Identify where your technology stacks up using the world-wide accepted TRL Technology Readiness Level methoddology created by NASA to assess and determine the level of technology readiness according to 43 international criteria.

Licensee Contact Information

Obtain information about companies, scientists and people working on similar technologies and create your own portfolio of potential licensees.

Market Intelligence

By using keywords one can find competitors, partners, and prospects to license your technology efficiently.

Artificial Intelligence

TechMatch works with artificial intelligence tools to access patents, scientific papers, reports and news filtering the best information by using keywords of your technology. TechMatch automates the search of information accessing data to check for changes and updates.

Official Sources and Data Sets

The information is extracted from official and high-value information sources such as NASA NTRS,, Science Journals, SEC Filing and news portals  like Wired, MIT Tech Review, and many others.

Real Time Notification

Receive right in your inbox any change and update to information in the data sets keeping you updated in almost real time.

Our Platform is used in more than 20 countries in Technology Transfer Offices.