Harnessing Technology to Grow Your Business Post-Pandemic: 4 Things You Need to Know

In response to the initial COVID-19 outbreak, businesses across industries began using various technologies to adapt to the changing times. Contactless payment, online ordering, and curbside pick-up were just a few of the initiatives that a large number of companies adopted as part of their safety measures. While COVID-19 cases continue to spike across the nation, the COVID vaccine has started to help control the virus. Individuals and businesses now have hope for a post-pandemic world in the future.


Many of the technologies used in 2020 can be reimagined for future use
Whether you own a manufacturing company or a service-based company, you likely had to scramble to come up with new solutions to keep your customers and employees safe at the beginning of 2020. Payment apps such as Venmo, PayPal, and other platforms made contactless purchasing possible. Online ordering could easily be arranged through a number of providers. Curbside delivery or virtual check-ins could be managed by text, your website, or by a third-party provider. In a short span of time, entrepreneurs researched and implemented technology solutions that they had never used before.

Now that you have these processes available, you can reimagine these technologies for future use. With safety no longer as big of a concern as it once was, explore how you can use various platforms and processes to benefit your customers. On top of keeping people safe, you can use these same technologies to streamline processes and make doing business with you easier. For example, online check-ins that were once used to control crowds can now be used to reduce wait times. Think about how you can repurpose what you already have into an exceptional customer experience.


You can build your business skills online
Virtual learning was another massive technology that was adapted throughout 2020 and through the start of this year. From kindergarten to advanced degree seekers, classes were moved online for months.

Prior to the pandemic, virtual learning was becoming an increasingly popular trend. Now, entrepreneurs who have considered sharpening their business skills can enroll in an online MBA program with ease. Learning about strategy, management, leadership, and other core topics can help you better understand how to scale your business over the long term.


Leveraging every opportunity leads to maximum growth
COVID-19 forced a lot of individuals — especially business owners — to learn and discover new technologies that they’d never used before. The realization of how much the right tech tools can grow a business was surprising for many.

At Diagnostic and Defense Technology Analysts, Inc., we help entrepreneurs discover opportunities to leverage technology to reach their goals. Our team uses TechMatch, technology assessments, and other tools to discover solutions that can help your organization grow.


Protecting your online systems is an absolute must
2020 was also a year that cybercrimes increased. In fact, the pandemic was attributed to a 238% increase in cyber-attacks on banks. With so much at risk for businesses of all sizes, protecting your online systems is an absolute must now — and in the post-pandemic world.

Last year provided a multitude of lessons for business owners across industries. These lessons — and the technologies that were initially adopted to keep people safe from COVID — can now be used to grow your company in the coming years.

Diagnostic and Defense Technology Analysts, Inc. delivers top-tier technology solutions that are aimed at helping companies grow. We work with leaders to identify technology-related opportunities and deliver vetted technologies that achieve long-term goals. Learn more about our services today.


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