Technology Transfer What is it and why should you be using it right now?

In recent times working together is a must, with many different fields and industries providing new methods to solve issues around the globe. Using technology transfer that was originally meant to deal with a whole different subject but may be invaluable in a new field.

The process of technology transfer was born. Also known as transfer of technology is the action of transferring or disseminating a project or technology for an organization or person to another. This not only between companies or individuals but also between governments or international organizations.

How far can you reach? The benefits of Technology Transfer

Technology Transfer

This is not only limited to tech, but also skills, knowledge, methods of manufacturing along many other things that could become widely beneficial in different hands. This is made to ensure that these improvements reach far beyond what they were initially intended for.

Something else to take into account is that this type of transfer is considered mostly horizontal in nature.

Methods to increase the Technology Transfer


Technology Transfer

We can all agree that this method is highly important to continue our growth and get ready for the future. One of these methods to ensure that this transfer of technology is to promote it by several means, in the current times one of the best ways is holding conferences for several industries around the globe to meet up and share new advances in their fields.

Other widely successful strategy to make more people try such is holding competition between people in different fields and make them work together. Since humans as a species are highly competitive, we can ensure that the chance of proving themselves can be a moment that can spark innovation.

Looking at things in a more commercial way these expositions can also be used as a way to show investors why sponsoring these new technologies can be a good idea. Since the right amount of money can help for their creators to upgrade what they currently have and also for the investors to assess how viable the commercialization of the technology will be.


The need of Technology Transfer Brokers


Technology Transfer

And in whose hands the job of ensuring that the technology will be transferred? None other than the technology portfolio managers. These folks specialize in building the bridge and connections necessary between different stakeholders.

And important thing with these managers is to know where the value of certain technologies lie, and in what industries they can be applied.


From Research Facilities to the Public: Technology Transfer

Technology Transfer

The transfer of technology has been the reason of why many universities, companies and even government facilities have parts directly working in finding the use of some of their research in other fields that could be applied. This is to ensure that some of them can become of commercial interest to the public and to find ways to exploit such research in new innovative ways.

Commercial Success

Technology Transfer

Ensuring to earn and exploit this process can certainly be quite an endeavor and can have many possible ways on how to reach it. One of them is licensing agreements between different companies or partnerships.  to ensure that while the rewards from the success can be massive the risk of such ideas and technology going wrong are lessened.

Other commonly use method in the recent years are without doubt is the use of spin outs,

There is no success with some drawbacks

Despite sometimes the incentives for developing can be quite high and with the heavy investment of capital from outside sources, some of the vital practical aspect are not easy to full pull up.  The reason behind this is that creating technology of this level can be a demanding and slow process. For example going from the point that something has been researched sufficiently to be actually feasible, and it can be demonstrated.

These attempts to rush products from an early state (such a prototypes) into full production and to the market (fully tested in different conditions, checking how reliable it can be or how easy to maintain it is) can prove at times to be several times more time consuming and costly that it was originally expected.

So at the end of the day one thing is sure even with the risk involved in Technology Transfer it is a valuable resource in the scientific field to ensure moving towards a future with versatile and useful scientific creations.

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