We respond with passion and the service level that your organization requires. We develop software tools using Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning for the research community. We are developing tools that anticipate which bets to place – and how long to continue investing – long before the ultimate ROI of innovation projects can be known.

Corporate Growth

We help companies identify technology opportunities and build long term success with innovative technologies that fit technology mission goals. We can identify government technology needs and place your technology within them.

Scout. Filter & Engage

We deliver researched and vetted technologies to further your vision and long-term goals in academia, government, and industry.

Process & Results

We focus on strategies that accelerate skill and knowledge transfer by identifying hidden opportunities within immense data sets using AI.


We help you set off from where you are to where you want to be. You know your goals; we will take you there by complimenting lagging indicators with leading indicators. Helping to read the fuzzy front end of innovation with machine learning tools.

Why Choose Us

Diagnostic and Defense Technology Analysts employs a range of methodologies and search tools to carry out customized projects for our clients to bring only commercially viable opportunities to the table.

Core Competencies

  • Technology Portfolio Management using Machine Learning.
  • Technology and Research Assessments with Market Intelligence.
  • Software Development Machine Learning.


  • Specializing in commercialization plans and technology assessments globally for over 20 years.
  • Developed proprietary software using machine learning specifically for technology transfer offices and researchers in academia, government, and industry.
  • Our platform provides up to date market intelligence, technology assessment reports, and news of government mission needs.
  • Minority and Woman Owned Small Business.
Firing up Innovation

We aim to be the catalyst for research and early stage technologies to develop into working solutions for everyday problems. We are building a high-speed highway between research and technology needs by quickly processing massive amounts of data for the technology portfolio manager.

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