Assess the potential of your technology

A simplified tool for technology portfolio managers in academia, government and industry to assess their technologies and make strategic decisions.

By using an assessment methodology you can benchmark your own technology portfolio and facilitate your decision making.

Why Techmatch™?

We are Firing Up Innovation by helping you score your technology and guide you to the next step in the commercialization process.

Identify the Stage of Development

The assessment tool assists you at identifying the current stage of development for your technology using a proven scale with different criteria to consider.

Risk Assessment

Identify the different risks the technology development process conveys in the business environment (economics, technology, politics, sociology, legal and environment) and formulate a strategy as a contingency plan. 

Assess the technology in 360

Evaluate your technology in a 360 view in assessing its market attractiveness, technology potential, talent and organizational criteria. 

Create your own reports

Generate easily your technology reports in PDF files so you can share them with your colleagues and decision takers to move forward in your technology development process.

Technology Portfolio Management

Manage your technology portfolio in a simple way and access the reports with a click, modify and update them as you make progress in the development process.

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