The encumbrances women identify when contemplating a search fund and why a search fund is a compelling choice for a woman


Search funds, and entrepreneurship through acquisition (ETA) more broadly, are growing in popularity as post-MBA careers. In a traditional search fund, one to two entrepreneurs raise approximately $300,000 to $500,000 of investor capital per person to fund their two- to three-year search for a business to acquire. While self-funded and accelerator-based models are also popular, in all cases, the entrepreneur typically serves as CEO of the acquired business for five to ten years, with investors serving as board members or advisors, after which point, the company is frequently sold to a strategic or financial buyer. The entrepreneur earns a market-rate salary during the search and as CEO can receive up to 25 percent of the equity-based on closing the acquisition, vesting, and financial performance. Full article…

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